Church History

Bowling Green Covenant Church began during the summer of 1971 as a college prayer group on the campus of Bowling Green State University . The group’s vision was to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to establish a church providing Christian fellowship and training for those who would become part of its ministry.During its early years, the group was known as the Bowling Green Christian Fellowship, or more simply, the Fellowship, and the members met from house to house for prayer and Bible study. A bit later, as the church became more established, the members met in Prout Chapel on the campus of Bowling Green State University for regularly scheduled worship meetings.

In 1976, the church adopted the name Charis Community (”charis” being the Greek word for “grace”), and the church was known by that name until 1984, when the members of the church built and occupied our current building and the name Bowling Green Covenant Church was adopted. Many of those original founders are with us today.

During the early years, and until the mid 1980s, Bowling Green Covenant Church was deeply involved with the worldwide charismatic movement. Since that time, we have developed a broader evangelical profile, seeking to complement the active work of the Holy Spirit in our lives with an emphasis on sound doctrine and instruction in the historic truths of the Christian faith. Our worship services remain lively, informal, and contemporary. Our teaching is rooted in the central doctrines of the Reformation, especially in the sole authority of Scripture as the only reliable test of true doctrine, and in salvation by grace alone through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ (see our Statement of Faith ). We have also become strongly involved in worldwide missions and remain so today.

Several times in our history, a number of Bowling Green Covenant Church leaders and members have relocated to other cities and planted new churches. Dayton New Covenant Church in Dayton, Ohio; Tampa Covenant Church in Tampa, Florida; and Victory Hills Christian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, were founded largely by former BGCC members.

In October, 2011, Bowling Green Covenant Church will celebrate forty years of fellowship together. We rejoice in God’s blessing and provision for us during the past quarter century and more, and we look forward, by God’s grace, to our future together.

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